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Indirect Auto Program

Balboa is currently not soliciting customers for loans, but Balboa does work with several local dealerships

Indirect Auto Program

An indirect auto loan is one that you get through the automobile dealer who will finance the original auto sales contract and then subsequently sell the contract to one of several financial institutions. This is basically like getting dealer financing. You are going to go to the dealer and choose your car first. They will then work with a number of financial institutions in order to help you find a loan that will work for your personal budget. Afterwards, the loan is transferred through a sales transaction from the auto dealer who originated the loan with the borrower and subsequently sold to the third party financial institution. For over 35 years, BALBOA has provided customized financial products and services to meet the needs in our community. Our Dealer Service staff works closely with the automotive dealerships to provide quality financing for both new and used cars. We offer competitive pricing and special finance programs to fit every borrower’s needs.

Currently, BALBOA purchases auto contract for new or used vehicles through many franchise dealerships, and under certain circumstances independent dealerships, within the states of California and Arizona.

Balboa will finance new and used passenger vehicles and light trucks that will be used for personal use only. Vehicles must be 8 years old or newer and have 85,000 miles or less. Certain makes and models will not qualify.

Balboa can put together an auto loan that is right for you. With flexible terms up to 75 months, we will work with you to structure a monthly payment you can be comfortable with.

Balboa considers the amount and reliability of self-employment income when evaluating a credit application. If the customer meets these and other requirements, we may approve the loan.