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About Balboa Thrift and Loan

For over 35 years, Balboa Thrift and Loan has provided customized financial products and services to meet the needs in our community.

Our History

Balboa Thrift and Loan was organized as a California Industrial Loan Company under the laws of the State of California and opened in Chula Vista, on July 7,1980. It was organized to provide financial services to businesses and consumers in our community. Balboa Thrift and Loan has since established branches in Claremont, La Quinta and Fresno CA, to serve the financial needs of those communities. Balboa Thrift and Loan qualified for federal deposit insurance through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and is now regulated by the FDIC. The FDIC guarantees the safety of your deposits in Balboa Thrift and Loan up to $250,000 per depositor.

When the first industrial loan companies (known more formally as thrifts) began in the early part of the 20th century they provided loans primarily to industrial workers. Banks tended to serve only businesses and middle-to-high-income individuals. Thrifts grew as they addressed a borrowing class considered unprofitable to larger commercial banks. Balboa’s loan portfolio has continued to reflect this history. Balboa Thrift and Loan has historically granted numerous smaller real estate loans, automobile financing and small commercial loans to individuals and small businesses that other institutions didn’t have the flexibility to make.

Balboa Thrift and Loan is uniquely qualified to serve the credit needs of all communities. The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was passed in 1977 to mandate and encourage the nation’s financial institutions to identify and help meet the credit needs of their local communities, including low-to-moderate-income neighborhoods. Consequently, Balboa Thrift and Loan supports the spirit and intent of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). Balboa grants loans to its customers, in the primary market areas of San Diego, Riverside, Fresno and portions of Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange counties.

Our History

In recent years Balboa Thrift and Loan has focused on automobile and real estate loans originated through a network of automobile dealers, brokers and agents located throughout our service area. Balboa maintains its entrepreneurial approach to the marketplace, and has the capacity for a rapid response and ability to adjust to market conditions. A strong commitment to customer service has helped attract both depositors and borrowers.

In 2001, we moved our headquarters to a more spacious and convenient location within the City of Chula Vista, CA. Balboa Thrift and Loan enjoys an excellent reputation for customer service and responsiveness. With limited amounts of advertising and other promotional activities, Balboa has stressed community awareness through the involvement of Balboa Thrift and Loan’s officers and directors in community organizations and events.

Our staff skills and proven expertise ensure customers receive personalized quality service. Our products and services are designed and competitively priced with greater flexibility to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Mission

Balboa Thrift and Loan provides financial services resulting in:

  • Quality products and services competitively priced and delivered to our customers with a high level of personal service.
  • Integrity, reliability, and commitment to all depositors and borrowers.
  • A quality work environment and opportunity to grow and increase skill level of our employees.
Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services

We provide a wide choice of financial services including savings and investment products, residential loans, commercial loans, automobile financing and more. Our Dealer Service staff works closely with the automotive dealerships to provide quality financing for both new and used cars. We offer competitive pricing and special finance programs to fit every borrowers needs. We also actively participate with loan brokers while also providing loans directly to our customers.

Our Locations


We provide on-site financial products and services to our local community of Chula Vista and surrounding areas throughout southern California. Our offices are conveniently located at:

  • 865 Amena Court, Chula Vista, CA 91910
  • 306 Yale Ave, Claremont, CA 91711
  • 79-440 Corporate Center Dr #105, La Quinta, CA 92253
  • 7060 N. Marks Ave. #107, Fresno, CA 93771

Serving the Community

Balboa Thrift and Loan has a strong commitment to the communities we serve. Our Board of Directors, Officers and Staff provide volunteer service to local community service clubs and civic organizations as well as support other community events. We provide financial support to those in our area to help build a better community. We foster an environment where employees and customers are welcome to support the many community initiatives.

We’re proud to help you fulfill your financial goals and manage your real estate and automobile related financing.